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Welcome!  We are accepting new clients

Healing Begins Here at Atlanta Vinings Counseling Service. 

You or a loved one may be experiencing stress, anxiety, anger, low self esteem, poor school performance, or struggling with relationships. For the many challenges life brings,  Dr. Andrea Francis  is here to help. 

Dr. Francis provides psycho-therapeutic interventions for children, adults, families and couples. Her evidence- based strategies foster hope, resilience, and well being.  Dr. Francis believes that spirituality can play a critical role in the journey towards healing. Come let's talk!

Meet Dr. Francis

Hello. I am Andrea Francis, PhD., Counseling Psychologist with over twenty five years counseling experience. I counsel children, adolescents, parents, families, singles and couples.

My Master of Arts and Master in Education are from Columbia University, and my doctorate from Walden University. I also treat children with emotional trauma, and have extensive experience working in public schools. 

I also work with parents, young adults, couples and individual seeking wellbeing.

Check out my upcoming book, published by ABC - CLIO an imprint of Bloomsbury. Abandoned. How Children Suffer When A Parent Deserts Them.


Left -- Dr. Francis address participants of the recent Mental Health Myths in the Black Community forum. Dr. Francis spoke about mental health in children and the role of parents in fostering well-being in their families. The forum was sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Left-Center. Dr. Francis advises  parents on raising their gifted children.

Center right- Dr. Francis at the recent United Nations session on Global Mental Health. Dr. Francis is deeply committed to supporting the United Nations goals (3.4) mental well being for all peoples of this world. Right- Dr. Francis greets well-known author, clinical psychologist, mental well-being ambassador  Dr. Judy Kuriansky, one of conference organizers. 

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