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1. Handling your child's technology

Article: When Tech Is a Problem Child - The New York Times

Pellissier, H. (2017, March 2) 

2. Why teach kids to forgive? Great Schools. Retrieved from

3. Older Children can use this to practice calming themselves


R.  RECOGNIZE and acknowledge what is happening as calmly as possible

A. ACCEPT life as it is without  trying to change it right now.

I. INVESTIGATE. See how it feels, it is making you upset. or happy? giving you pleasure or pain? Make a note of it.

N.NON_IDENTIFICATION. Realize that these feelings are not who you are. They are passing, fleeting experience


Being Thankful
Three Good Things
  • Each night before you go to bed think about three things that went well that day. Write these down.
  • Researchers have proved that remembering what was good reduces sadness and anxiety
  • It increases hope
  • Makes us grateful
  • Takes away bad dreams

Send  Good Wishes

Good wishes or Praying for ourselves and others is a good way to recognize that there are forces bigger than us

It increases the feeling of awe and that we are connected to nature

When you send good wishes for someone or for yourself it connects us to other people


Every time you feel worried or anxious take a deep breath, exhale, repeat.

On the the inhale say these wishes or prayers

May we be happy

May we be Healthy and Strong

May we sleep well

May we be patient with each other

USE your Own Words and put the Names of loved ones.

This is adapted from 3 good things by Dr. Martin Seligman from the New York Times Mindfulness for Children

In the event of a Crisis or Emerg​ency

For Individuals seeking Emergency Behavioral Health Treatment

Georgia Crisis and Access Line:

(800)-715-4225 Open 24/7

Medical Emergency: 911

To Locate Behavioral Health Services in Georgia:

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